Resourcing Adult Discipleship

  • Field-tested at the local church level.

  • A practical pathway to discipleship.

  • A focused program for leadership development. 

Resourcing Global Mission

  • Gospel literature that is perfect for the local church.

  • Resource and educational materials for pastors and leaders.

  • Dynamic programs to facilitate global outreach.

Free Downloadable Church Resources

Paul Risser Memoria Library
  • Free resources made available for download by Foursquare Missions Press.

  • A vast array of subjects and categories to supplement and support your church ministry.

Free Downloadable Children's Resources

Mary Lou Canata Children's Leader Digital Library
  • Special resources focused on Children's Ministry.

  • All resources are available for free download through the Mary Lou Canata Memorial Digitual LIbrary.

Resourcing Children's Discipleship

  • A one on one discipleship program for children.

  • Designed for parents to disciple their children at home.

  • Prepares children for baptism and the Spirit-filled life.

Resourcing Child Evangelism

  • A proven program that has reached over 1 million children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • An exciting way to get your children and church involved in global missions.

Free Downloadable Pamphlets

Outreach Pamphlets
  • Customizable pamphlets for use in your local church.

  • Subjects:  Salvation, Your New Life, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Pathway of Ministry, Finding a Church Home, Tithing, The Foursquare Gospel.

New Resources

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